We recently bought JettProof compression singlets for our 7 year old son Harry who is on the autistic spectrum, is non verbal (but very vocal!), extremely active and whom is usually up half the night leaving us all exhausted.
From day 1 of using the singlets Harry started saying about half a dozen short words (e.g. ma, da, num, no) and on a frequent basis as if he is experimenting with making new sounds. We have been very excited about this. He also slept all night for six nights in a row. This is amazing!!!  Many thanks. We are delighted and have been sharing this feedback with professionals involved in Harry’s care and other parents. For your information we live in Scotland, UK.  Very best wishes.        
Carol, Malcolm and Harry

As a professional in applied neuroscience, I have had considerable experience in using JettProof calming sensory clothing with my child patients. JettProof is like ‘wearable therapy’, you can keep it on all day, and it complements the therapy that we provide in our practice.  I have also been wearing JettProof since the first adult singlet came out, and I love it (like a “wearable hug”). Not one piece of my JettProof has ever worn out – it’s durable stuff. JettProof helps keep me calm and connected and supports me to get back in the game when it’s been a big, challenging (but also amazing!) day.
I can proudly endorse this product and know that by doing so, I am helping to bring high-quality, economical options to families and children in need. 
Danielle Gregory (Ideal Connexions)

I can’t rate your JettProof vests highly enough. The difference that they have made to my son (nearly 5) has been unbelievable. They’ve minimised meltdowns and calmed and centred him in a way that I wouldn’t have believed before trying them. Everyone in close contact with him has commented on the positive difference they’ve made to his mood and behaviour and self control.  They’ve gone a long way to making a hard situation better. And for that I can’t thank you enough. 
Erin P

The JettProof t-shirt and shorts arrived at lunchtime. She put them on with no fuss or re-adjusting. We have had 4 hours of calm, with no sensory problems and it’s the happiest and most relaxed I’ve seen my daughter in months! Thank you so much JettProof! 
Jacqueline B

We received our singlets in the mail today. I put on my son when he got home from school. He said it feels like a warm squishy cuddle :) 
Kathren L

Thank you! We began using his singlet this week and this one item is working miracles :) He’s much more settled, and even eating today :) :) :) 
Rosie R

OMG, my daughters singlet arrived today and we put it straight on. She has been a different little girl since, it’s amazing. She calls it her big squeezy hug!  Thanks so much JettProof. 
Kerrie H

We received my son’s singlets and the change in him is remarkable. He is SO much calmer and we even feel like he is communicating better and more open to touch from others. I am amazed at the difference! It did take a few days to convince him to wear them but now we aren’t looking back. Thank you! 
Shanine C

I bought the shorts and has made such an incredible difference to my boy already. He would ‘wriggle’ his boy bits on anything like clothes/cushions etc.  So happy. Thank you JettProof. 
Simone T

Thank you JettProof my son is 17 & started wearing your shirts yesterday. He said in just 2 days he can feel the difference. He said he gets frustrated & instead of it building to anger it disappears really quick. I have a happier young man in my house. 
Nita C

First day today that my 6 year old boy wore his singlet. He received an award for better listening! My son said: It was like I could read my teachers brain so I put my hand up. Amazing. Thank you. 
Christina B

Put our new singlet on Master 5 tonight – and got my first ever hug by choice!!!! I cannot express enough gratitude x 
Kaytee H

My son and I were just discussing return to school next week and what he might be able to do to help himself behave better. “I know! I can become Jettman!” He explained Jettman was like superman but wearing JettProof on the inside instead of a cape on the outside. I was able to take him to the supermarket for a full shop with no dramas whatsoever, and he had a great time explaining to the checkout operator about numbers beyond quadrillion. Thanks JettProof! 
Joy B

Just wanted to say that your singlets have had an amazing effect on a special child that I’m working with in Occupational Therapy! Thank you 
Vanessa T

Big thank you to JettProof. This compression suit has put a huge smile on my son’s face. He just loves it! He spent the whole morning giggling with happiness. So good to see him smiling! 
Michelle B

When I collect him from daycare, (before vest) he normally is happy to see me but then he gets a huge emotional eruption and hits, pushes things over, meltsdown. In the 3 days he has been wearing the vest at day care, (his magic singlet) it has been a breeze when I pick him up. No meltdown at all. It is a dream now to collect him and his sister. 
Vix M

The difference in him is fantastic! He had his first speech therapy session today (since wearing the singlet) and his therapist commented on a few things that were different today – his attention improved, his meltdowns didn’t happen and he was happier to transition between activities! I hadn’t told her about the singlet until after she commented, and she was also impressed. I will be looking into the shorts next!! 
Jo T

My son started school okay, but in about week 5 & 6 he was not coping at all - he had totally lost the plot at school. Not knowing what to do with this child who was coming home so angry and not coping at all, I had nothing to loose and ordered 3 singlets. As soon as I received the singlets, he started wearing them and was happy to do so. He has had a complete turn around. He received the principals’ award on the Friday and this Tuesday he received student of the week for that week also. 
Sandra B

Hi, I bought a set of three compression singlets for my Husband who has Aspergers. I just want to thank you so much. These singlets are a God send, my husband usually wears a really thick heavy jacket all day everyday (it has fur on the inside) even in the extreme summer heat, he has advised it is comforting and helps him feel in control, and he would rather that and be hot than to take it off. On the weekend it reached 36 degrees for the first time since winter in Adelaide and my husband did not put his jacket on once. Instead he has been literally living in his JettProof singlets (even sleeping in them). He felt much cooler but still comforted. Thank you so much for these great products. 
Renee C

It’s 2 weeks that my 8yr daughter has been wearing these & the meltdowns are gone. She says it’s like getting a big hug. Another girl her age got hers & said it feels like she is on a cloud, meltdowns have also reduced. Who knew what a difference a piece of clothing could make. 
Kristen M

I’ve been at my wits end the last few days…tried everything visuals, relaxation, stories, weighted toys etc   nothing worked! Then I remembered my JettProof singlets for J and voila.  calm restored! Thank you x  
Sharon S

My ASD son jumped straight into it and has loved it ever since! His 5yo brother wanted to wear 1 too so I thought why not (we have our suspicions he is also on the spectrum) and for the 1st time in a long time we had a much calmer morning this morning and this evening has been blissful! They seem to be playing & getting along so much better!  Thank you for bringing calm back into our home! 
Tara M

My precious daughter (6) has had an evil struggle with her spd making getting dressed daily so distressing and often leading to extreme meltdowns. I hit rock bottom after a horrible, horrible month with constant meltdowns each time clothes touched her so 1am one morning whilst crying and calming her down I ordered a JettProof singlet. Honestly I was quite certain that all we go through each day could not be changed with a singlet.  My order came very quickly and I jumped up and down squealing in excitement.  I put singlet on which caused a huge extreme meltdown because it felt tight and different, quickly taking it off and losing hope.  The next day we tried again and wala she got used to it and would not take it off.  So excited I brought a long sleeve shirt and same thing huge meltdown once on then second time she slowly felt good and now can wear anything she wants over top and I could cry!  My precious child is not going through hell everyday and since we bought it we went from 10/10 meltdowns to zero and watching her play and get dressed like a child is breathtaking. She calls it her ”new skin” and this is her new pose for photos hahaha.  I cannot thank JettProof enough. 
Kylie M

Oh my goodness. They only arrived a short while ago but as soon as I put them on my daughter her comment was “just like Mummy cuddles”. I’m now laying with her and she is still. In her almost three years I’ve never had a still, peaceful cuddle. It’s so lovely. Thank you. 
Eleanor K

Wow! Wow! Wow!!!! Been using the clothing for less than a week and I seriously can not believe the difference in how my little guy is playing!! So much more aware and purposeful and he’s not having to ask to go outside 10 times a day to calm down. Thanks JettProof x 
Layla S

For the past month our little boy with asd has barely slept due to anxiety and the need to check where everyone is at all hours of the night. After trialling several different weighted products we decided to try the JettProof singlets. He has now slept in them 2 nights in a row and has had 2 full 11 hour sleeps! Thank you so much for coming up with this amazing product! 
Erin B

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you! I got my singlets in the mail today. I put one on my daughter after her bath today and I have to say it calmed her straight down. I haven’t had a night with her this good in a very long time. I even put her to bed at 6pm and she went off to sleep with no fuss. Thank you :) 
Julia P

Wonderful, Wonderful item! My ASD daughter suffers from anxiety and a lot of sensory issues, got this in the mail yesterday and it was easy bed time last night and this morning i had no whinging, no this is uncomfortables, and got ready for school so easily :) Thank you so much! 
Marie L

We received our first singlet today. My 8 year old daughter didn’t like the feel of it at first, melt down started…. Got her to put it back on and asked to see how it felt after an hour. Just went on line at her request and ordered another 3 singlets. She said it makes her feel like she is being hugged all the time and she loves the feeling. Thank you JettProof from K and P. “I love it, it’s the best”                                      
P McLean
1st time wearing his singlet and shorts today. I asked my boy after he had got dressed how they feel – “Perfect” he said :) 
Sandra H

Thank you so much for this awesome product. Since I have been using JettProof clothing on my 3 year old ASD son he hasn’t been waking up during the night. Love your products and will be recommending them to everyone. 
Aimee L

My son has ASD and I have noticed the difference when he has his JettProof shirt on. He is more emotional and anxious when he hasn’t got his shirt on. When he has the JettProof shirt on he is happier and calmer. So glad I came upon your site. Your clothing does make a difference.
Thank you Maria

Our singlet pack arrived today, (so I can stop trying to madly wash and dry the only one that we had) and my Miss 4 was so excited. “Are they the tight ones Mummy? Like a hug?” ?? Thank you JettProof! 
Jane F

AMAZING! Like a few others have said, the first couple of hours my son (8 years old, ADHD) wasn’t 100% sure of his singlet. He complained & complained but he kept it on & fell asleep & literally only takes it off for a bath now. The 2nd afternoon I was going to put a normal singlet on him after his bath just to give him a break & ease him into wearing them, I guess, & no he refused & said he had to have the cosy (JettProof) one. 
Bridget B

Aiden (9 yrs 3 mths) was born with half a heart and has had three open heart surgeries and is well to date. Aiden was diagnosed with ASD in march and our move to OZ from the UK has been very difficult. Aiden was very reluctant to try them on, but as soon they were on, Aiden improved instantly. I would and will be recommending your products and if it helps you to know I am a midwife. Thank you so much. 
Elisabeth J

My granddaughter had anxiety and meltdowns starting Prep this year so I bought her three white singlets. These meltdowns had extended to other areas of her life as well. Well the change in her was amazing, she went from miserable and worried to happy and cheerful in less than one week. She has been wearing them all year and calls them her worry singlets, and is just finishing a great year at Prep. 
Jan F
I purchased some of your singlets for our 2 year old son who has recently been diagnosed with ASD -  a recommendation from his child psychologist.   They arrived this afternoon and I put one on him after his bath.  He immediately breathed in, and instantly became calm.  I am witnessing behaviours that I’ve never seen from his before. He sat with me in the chair and fed his baby sister her bottle. He helped me put her to bed and waved her goodnight. He sat and read a story front to back. Gave me a huge hug goodnight and went to bed without a fuss. I am crying tears of joy! I know it’s early days, but there is hope. I am so proud of my little guy and can’t thank you enough! 
Katie D

I tried a singlet for 8 days on my boy whos ASD, ADHD and he’s 4. Was the best day ever I had with him! Thankyou so much for these products. I’ve since brought a load more, even to try on my eldest son whos ADHD and ASD. I’ve told everyone I know with special needs kids. Feel like I’ve won the lotto! 
Annie F

We absolutely love these in our house … Our little boy asks to put his on .. It has been a godsend after trying many different alternatives the singlets won and continue to help keep a very stressed, anxious little guy feeling safe and relaxed.. Thank you  : )   
Tonette M

I'm a mother of two children with autism and my youngest child, 4 years of age has no feeling in his feet, was never able to wear socks or shoes for long period of time.  Every time he is overwhelmed and having a meltdown we have to lay on ground with him (even in public) and grab his feet and apply strong pressure to calm him down and relax him. I have been crying out for a pressure sock for him.
I want to thank JettProof for making children's socks it has been the first time my child wanted to keep his shoes on and was alot more calmer and relaxed in public... it has been a god send for my little autistic man's life.  
Lee-Ann M

Ordered your socks for my SPD child who has always, always had major issues with wearing socks!!! Today was her first day wearing them to school I have NEVER seen her put her socks & shoes on so fast as I did witness today, (this process can usually take 10-15mins for her easily) today whipped them all on & out the door under  5 mins!!!!!!
I couldn't believe what I was seeing after years of battling her to wear her socks. (From her - 7yrs old) 'these are the best socks ever mum' this is a massive achievement & has brought much happiness to our School morning routine THANK YOU SO MUCH! Highly recommended!! 
Netta D