JettProof Sand Free Towels

If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, then you know Summer is our time for fun, festivity, and sun-drenched days at the beach. While we all love the sun, surf, and sand, we don't love the unavoidable sandy trails that find their way into our cars and homes, or the scratchy sand dried in sprays all over our skin. 

Fortunately, this irritating beach day experience is not one you need to "put up with" in order to make the most of this Summer. In fact, the Team at Jettproof has been busy little bees ensuring that you can have the best possible Summer with Jettproof. With a specialized design and manufacturing team, they have developed and perfected a product that is a must-have for Summer!  

What is the must-have item for this Summer? 

The original and the best "Jettproof sensory friendly sand free towel!". These towels are stylish, absorbent, compact, lightweight, antibacterial, and perfect for individuals who are sensitive to sand or those who just want to leave the sand at the beach.

What is a Jettproof sand-free towel?

Jettproof sand-free towels put a new spin on the humble beach towel. The unique and innovative fabric of the towel is designed with the comfort of individuals with sensory sensitivities in mind, including a smooth, consistent texture and unique sand-proofing design. The unique waffle weave texture of a Jettproof towel is ideal for shaking off your sand and leaving it at the beach. 

Is it really Summer if you haven't been to the beach?

Let's normalize leaving the sand at the beach and not on our towels. The challenge with standard towels is their long, terry cloth fibers relentlessly cling to water and sand. Unlike regular towels, Jettproof sensory friendly sand free towels have reduced surface area for sand to grip onto, allowing you to simply shake the towel to remove the sand. This makes them much more effective than your standard beach towel when it comes to keeping you dry and sand-free.

Get used to having a quick-drying beach towel!

When it comes to quick-drying sand-free towels, Jettproof sensory sand-free towels deliver! With drying time only taking a mere 20-30 minutes, it is ideal for more fun in the surf and sun. Our quick-drying towel is a result of Jettproof towel design, including non-porous materials which ensure rapid drying. Their high absorbency (holding over a liter of water) also allows them to double as a bathroom towel, so if you are an individual who struggles with the texture of a typical bath towel, the Jettproof sensory towel is the perfect replacement for your traditional bath towels. 

Is it lightweight?

You bet they are; not only are Jettproof towels incredibly sensory-friendly, but they are also lightweight and compact (even when wet!), making them ideal travel towels. This makes them perfect for family beach trips, as the added inconvenience of big, bulky beach towels is now out the window. Our towels fold compactly for easy transport, and their use isn't limited to the beach! The generous large sizing of Jettproof's sensory sand-free towel makes it a super convenient lightweight alternative to a picnic rug or blanket on those cool summer evenings.

Protect the beach you love!

We all love to visit the beach but what about protecting it. JettProof towels are manufactured from high-quality, recycled fibers. This extraordinary fabric design ensures that while you enjoy your days soaking up the sun on our beautiful beaches, you are also contributing to protecting them for future generations. It's great to know that by supporting JettProof, you are supporting a company actively making strides to minimize its carbon footprint. 

 Protect the family too! 

JettProof Towels are also treated to have antibacterial properties; this prevents odors and minimizes the chance for harmful bacteria to build up on the towel. This amazing feature helps improve beach hygiene for you and your family.

 Need twice the towel? 

JettProof Towels are also available as a towel for two, that's much more towel for your dollar. The towel for two comes in a variety of JettProofs most popular designs and is ideal for sharing with a loved one. Alternatively, the towel for two is ideal for one to spread out on and enjoy the extra EXTRA space. 

 Need it in Jumbo size?

We've got you covered! Our Jumbo sand-free towels are in high demand and are the must-have beach accessory for summer. They fit the whole family!

 Are they cost-effective?

The cost of Jettproof sensory sand-free beach towels is significantly less than that of other overpriced beach towels which, unlike Jettproof sensory sand-free towels, are not sand-proofed, antibacterial, or sensory friendly. Jettproof is designed and made by beach lovers, ensuring no compromise on materials or quality.

Looking good?

Indeed! You're looking great with Jettproof! You shouldn't be forced to choose between aesthetics and quality. Why not have both? With over 70 different designs and ever-changing seasonal styles, there is something that will suit your personality, as well as a great range of gift options, perfect for anyone in your life. Not feeling colorful? That's ok… the towels are double-sided, so flip over any JettProof Towel for a stylish neutral pattern, designed to match all swimwear.

Click here to view our huge range of sand-free towels.


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